Parking at Pelican Vallila

At Pelican Self Storage Vallila, we offer parking spaces for your car or motorcycle.

Parking in the center of Vallila

At our Vallila site at Mäkelänkatu 62, you can park your car or motorcycle in a great location. When you rent a parking space in Vallila, you will find yourself close to popular destinations and experience excellent shopping.

As our location is close to the end of both road 45 and E75, you can easily travel back and forth.

Call us or write an email to find out more about parking.

A parking space you can count on

All of our parking spaces are located at our secured site which is being monitored 24/7. You can therefore safely park your car or motorcycle for as long as you need. All of our spaces are indoor with a staple temperature keeping your veichle warm at all times.

Are you parking a veichle that you share with others? At Pelican multiple people can access the parking lot which is ideal for shared cars among friends and family.

Our parking spaces have a maximum height of 2,2 meters and start at 44,50 for motorcycles and 89 for cars.